Canada is a heaven for tourists, scenic beauty, and, most of all, food. As they say, food is the gateway to hearts. Canada is filled with lots of food to explore. Since Canada is a place for people with different cultures, there are all sorts of food available. Canada has traditional fast food as well as cultural food. There are many food restaurants in Markham which offer many food choices. 

Food options range from fast food delivery to takeout food. Hence, as I said earlier, there is a lot for your appetite in Canada. This is exactly our topic for today. Today I will tell you about the 3 best food restaurants in Markham. These restaurants include all themes from desi food to fast food. Hence, sit back and keep reading. I am sure this will leave your mouth watering. 

Peters Fine Dining —The Hub For Seafood Lovers  

Looking for some delicious and savoury seafood? Then peter’s fine dining is the place for you. Situated on Highway 7, Markham, Peter’s fine dining has the best fast food collection under one roof. They don’t only have seafood options but also gluten-free and diet food. So, what else does one want? Peters has the rating as one of the top 3 steakhouses in Markham. This only is a great reason to visit now.

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So now, let me give you a little more jaw drop with all their dish options. Baltimore-style crab cakes, Smoked salmon, barbeque back ribs, and fresh oysters. Enticing, isn’t it? And, just let me add the cherry on top; they even have lobster soup. Yummy, isn’t it? 

Let’s take it up a notch with the dessert section; Peter’s has chocolate truffle cake and cherry cheesecakes. I hope this is enough to lighten up your tastebuds. The cherry on the top is that they also provide Home food delivery.   So, order online and get your favourite meals. 

Jordan’s Shawarma – The Heaven Of Desi Delights 

The top question on every Canadian Muslim’s mind is; what are the best halal takeouts near me? Well, the first name that pops up is Jordans Shawarma. Located in john street Vaughan, Ontario, Jordan’s shawarma is a must-have for all desi foodies. 

The problem is that the halal concept is important for Muslims. This limit’s the options in Canada; however, if you are a Muslim living in Markham, Jordan’s shawarma is the place for you. The collection includes a high level of savoury desi delights, all halal. 

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Now, let’s look at the menu. Jordan has various Middle Eastern, eastern, and Mediterranean food. Hence, it’s not good for Muslim folks only. Because Canada has various ethnicities, such as Punjabi-speaking and other Asian backgrounds. Hence Jordan is the best place for those people. Some of its great dishes include; Lentil soup, lamb kafta rice bowl and chicken shawarma. Umm, yummy, isn’t it? So, I recommend you all to visit Jordan’s. Since It is the hub of halal pasta near me  and a great place for desi food. 

Ding Tai Fung – Chinese Delicacies At their Best 

Situated in First Markham Palace, Markham, Ding Tai Fung is the best restaurant for Chinese soups. If you are a Chinese lover looking for restaurant registration or reservation for Chinese delicacies, this is the place for you. 

The restaurant has Chinese roots and originates in Taiwan. I just looked at the menu, and I am sure it will leave you craving. Only looking at the appetizers makes my mouth water. The appetizers include cucumber salad, seaweed, soy noodles and much more. 

When we look at the main course, we find pork buns, pork rib soup, vegan buns, and spicy Wong tongs. Hence, this is a place for the best take-out Chinese restaurants. So, in the end, I recommend you try Ding Tai Fung in Markham again.

MFoodZ Canada- Delivering All Your Favorite Delicacies At Your Doorstep  

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The Ending Note

There’s lots of food in Canada. Also, there are a lot of pleasure spots for families and friends, especially in Markham. Although We keep ourselves to Mc Donalds or KFC, there’s much more. I highlighted three places in Markham; think of how many more there are across Canada. Since life is short, be sure you live the most of it.  

Add some spice to your life and give it a new touch; restaurants and dine-ins are great places to relax and enjoy. So, do try at least these 3 restaurants. The experience is worth trying.