Pizza Points are a great joy for foodies. Pizza was introduced as an Italian dish when we talked about the origin of this mainstream delicacy. Although it served as a staple food for the region from 1700 till the 1800s, the dish didn’t get popular until 1940 after Italian immigrants introduced it in the united states. 1994 is the year when the first online purchase of pizza took place.

Now, let’s talk about Canada. In 1948, the pizzeria opened up in Canada. However, it was in the 1950s when mainstream pizza became a part of Canada. Since then, Canada has been home to many pizza places that have sprouted up in every neighbourhood.

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In this blog, ill Identify 3 Best food restaurants which offer the best pizzas in Canada. So sit back on the edge of your seats for a tasty, Mouthwatering and tantalizing trip across Canada’s best for your tastebuds.

1. Pizza- E- Pazzi

Pizza- E- Pazzi is translated as Pizza, and the crazies are a tempting place for all foodies, especially Pizza lovers. The place is in Toronto. When you look at the menu, yes, pizza is their main delicacy, but they have other add-ons other than pizza.

Their menu includes many pizza options garnished with the best flavours you will ever find. Each pizza is custom-made entirely to the needs of the customer. Other than this, they have a wide variety of seafood as well, such as grilled octopus as well.

Not only this, The best part, which will leave you in awe, is that they offer the option to order food online as well. This adds the cherry on top of everything. Hence the best course is not to wait and order now.

2. Rosso Pizzeria

Rosso pizzeria is based in Edmonton; they offer a wide range of pizzas for your tastebuds. Notable options on their menu include Margherita pizza. This a delicacy which has been around since the 1880s. This delicacy was invented in honour of the queen of Italy, Margherita of savoy, by the Pizza chef Raffaele Esposito.

The delicacy consists of the famous San Marzano Tomato sauce and olive oil. Yummy hmm. The best part is that all ingredients are non-GMO, i.e., completely organic. This means this is a good healthy source as well. So if you’re looking for a cheat meal, this is the restaurant menu you need.

Not only this, but to add more fuel to the fire of your tastebuds, they have Avocado Di Pollo. This is the best thing for those with a craving for some tender meat chunks. This Pizza is made up of Locally bred organic chicken topped with chopped-up tomatoes and chilli flakes.

As a Complement, they have options for breakfast as well, so if you are looking for a good office meal to kickstart your day, this is the place. This is the best tasty food restaurant with the best breakfast options. For example, Salmon toast, tuna toast and Avacado toast. All this has me gut-wrenching, and I know the same is true for you. So with all things said, the best course of action is to order food now

3. Danforth Pizza House

If you are Looking for a Toronto Italian restaurant, this is the place for you. Danforth has been a part of the business since 1964. The menu consists of Pizzas, salads, and beverages. Hence its a one-stop shop for your favourite veggies and chunks all in one place.

When looking through the menu, once again, we find the cliche trend of the “ Margherita” other than this, we find the Napoletana and the “ Pizza queen.” What’s best about these options is that they all have one thing in common. Danforth’s homemade sauce. Which adds the awe factor to all of Danforth’s dishes. Hence, this makes Danforth a must-have for all foodies.

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Not only this, but when we go through the salad section, we find options like Greek salad. Traditional, also known as “Horiatiki,” this salad consists of lots of vegetables like bell peppers and tomatoes. With a sprinkling of Fetta cheese.

To top it all, Danforth also has their own dips. We all know pizza is nothing without dips. Danforth has its choice of dips like roasted garlic, spicy, and chipotle dip. So if you are looking for a takeout restaurant for your family, this is the place for you.

Wrap Up

Canada is a land of opportunity, Diversity and, last but not least, everything food. Food is a part of our culture which brings communities together and helps us rejoice and relive moments at their best. Pizzas and bbq in Canada are a great delicacy for enjoyment.

The Country has lots of places for foodies which offer a wide range of variety from Mediterranean to south Asian and ethnic food items. Hence, I suggest trying food in Canada; trust me, it will be worthwhile. Especially with food delivery apps at a tap of a second, food ordering is a very easy thing. So you have more options to choose from