3 Ways Fast Food Stuff Damages Your Body

The fast food stuff industry of Canada employs 394,134 people. Further statistics show that 28.3% of Canadians have worked in the fast-food industry at some point. 16% of Canadians have food and drinks out of home every day. This shows how big the fast-food industry in Canada is.

Yes, fast-food is something everyone craves. Also, it’s the best office lunch delivery solution for a quick meal. Fast-food is a must item on the list for outings and other lunch gatherings. After all, who doesn’t like a tasty subway BLT sandwich or a Mighty zinger? However, fast-food hides a harsh reality underneath its tasty and tantalizing outlook. It has both physical and mental effects on your health. This is because fast food contains many calories, sugars and fats. This is coupled with the fact that it has low nutritional value. In this blog, I highlight fast-food consumption’s negative effects on your health.

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Effects On Skin Health – Say Goodbye To Your Movie Star Looks

Food that delivers is food that is healthy. Yes, fast-food does deliver, but for all the wrong reasons. Hits hard, doesn’t it? Well, sorry, but that’s the sad reality. According to research, fast-food doesn’t just make you obese, but it also affects your organs. The first place it hits is your skin. If you are worried about why your skin doesn’t have that supermodel glow and is full of  acne, Then, my brothers and sisters, its time that you throw that facewash out of the window, cut your fast-food intake completely and get a hold on to something healthy.

Why fast-food affects your skin health is because it has a high Glycemic index. Now for a layman, the first question is; what is a glycemic index? It’s a tool for blood sugar management. Food items with a high Glycemic index have high amounts of carbohydrates. Other than carbohydrates, fats are also a major source of acne. Unfortunately, for all of you food enthusiasts, fast-food contains carbohydrates and fats. This makes it qualify as detrimental to your skin. This is bad news for all you tasty food restaurant enthusiasts.

Effects On Bone Health – Destroying Your Herculean Strength

Suppose you are a regular customer of fast-food take-out restaurants because eric,  who looks and Lifts like Arnold, has put you on a dirty bulk diet and tells you, “ trust me, bro, fast-food does nothing.” then my friend. In that case, eric is not a bodybuilder but rather the devil’s advocate and a believer in “bro science.” And, if eric is your gym instructor, ill suggest you fire him now.

You see, eric is just worried about how your body looks on the outside aesthetically. The sad reality is that most people think of it this way. They don’t realize that there is more to a perfect body than just a chiselled jawline, broad shoulders and toned abs. Yes, it’s true that if you equate your fast-food intake with the amount of exercise, you lose fat. However, it isn’t just about losing fat. Fasftood is rich in sodium-rich content, such as salt. Sodium absorbs all the water necessary for your bone development. This is problematic and doesn’t allow the bone to develop density.

Without bone density, your bones lack weight, which makes them light and fragile.  Fragile bones mean a lack of strength which means your bones are more prone to injury, and even the slightest jerk hurts. Also, bad bones hinder the ability to perform day-to-day tasks. This is why fast-food is bad for your bone health. The best option instead is to order fresh food, or if you are an office goer, ask your spouse to deliver meals of fresh food to your workplace.

Affects Your Mental Health- Makes You A Serotonin Addict

Anything which gives you pleasure is addictive in nature. Addiction is where the boundary is crossed. The same is the case with fast food. The problem is that carbohydrates in fast-food cause the release of the feel-good hormone serotonin. This creates a feeling of pleasure in the mind. However, because of fast-food addiction, the mind craves more. This creates an endless cycle of addictions, and those who try to quit experience withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms come in the form of depressive moods and bipolar disorder, because of which the person experiences highs and lows. According to medical research, there are studies on the relationship between fast-food and depressive days and anxious days. According to the research findings, people with a high level of fast-food consumption experienced more days of depression and anxiety. All these statistics worry me because, despite all these, there is an increase in fast-food restaurant registration. I wonder when people will realize the error of their ways. As of 2021, There were currently 10.3 fast-food restaurants per every 10000 people in Canada. With the increase in the rate of registrations, this number may have already risen and will continue to increase.

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Canada is the land of opportunity, diversity and inclusivity. This is why Canada has food options for people of all ethnicities, tastes, and preferences. However, obesity is a war which every country is fighting. The same is the case with Canada. The major factor which contributes to this rising obesity is fast-food. As I said earlier, there is an increase in the registration of fast-food restaurants. This means an increase in the obesity problem, but that’s not all. Fast-food brings other health problems with it as well. Problems such as the impact on mental health, bone density and skin. These issues lower health and the quality of life. Hence it is good that we take a step for the better and stop fast-food consumption today.

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