M-Foodz Canada has set professional standards in the food industry since its launch.
As a way of moving closer to professional standards, we prioritize consistency,
individuality in brand identity, and consumer attention

Our Story

M-Foodz is an M-Rides subsidiary service that lets you order food from restaurants
online through its mobile app. We aim to provide Commute, Food Delivery, and Courier
Services all under one umbrella, a Super App. Customers will now enjoy the food of
their choice from a variety of restaurants delivered at their doorstep in a matter of


Serving the most exquisite cuisines with flavorful dishes from all around the world. In the dynamic industry of Food & Cuisines, bringing you closer to the elements you adore as a food lover. Everything is prepared and delivered following current food health and safety regulations. We guarantee you Convenience along with Taste and Variety.

Make M-FOODZ a Member Of Your Company’s Key Stakeholders

Craving for that juicy burger? No more hassle. Order fresh food in a matter of minutes. Your favorite meals straight at your desk just as you think.

Reaching out to you was never so easy!

Whether it’s a hot juicy steak, fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza, or your favorite freshly baked lava cake, our riders will bring it to you in a matter of minutes. We’re in almost every region of Ontario, and we’re on our way to several more Canadian provinces, to serve you at your workplace or in the comfort of your own home.