Food is a must on the list of Canadians. Canada has lots of food stuff for foodies. Canada is a diverse country which hosts people from all walks of life. When you live in a country with so much variety in its culture. You are sure to find a large range of food items which have their origins from the different ethnicities present in the country.

Food and drink are not only essential for survival, but they are also a source of pleasure. When it comes to pleasure, some dishes give more than others. Poutine is one such dish which is a common food present on menus of all food restaurants in Markham. This blog tells you all you need to know about this delicious delight.

Poutine’s Origin And History

Although Poutine is now available at all New restaurants in Markham and other parts of Canada, this wasn’t always the case. The concept became popular in Canada in the 1950s. However, it took a long time to reach its current form.


Multiple people lay claims to the invention of poutine. For example, Fernand la chance, the owner of a restaurant in Warwick, Quebec, claimed he was the first to add cheese curds to fries. He did this at the request of one of his regular customers. Another claim was made in Drummondville by jean paul Roy, who said he invented the dish in his drive-thru restaurant. Jean noticed that the customers were adding cheese curds to their fries. At first, jean sold them separately in bags. However, he later introduced them as a dish that became part of his menu. The name of this dish was “ patate sauce.”

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The word Poutine originates from the English word pudding which means “mess” mostly, it is used to describe a messy mixture of food. The mainstream sale of Poutine began in 1985 by a company known as frits. Although the company shut down its operations in 1988, it was the first place where the selling of Poutine began. Later, in 1987, burger king made Poutine a part of its menu.

Although the dish originated in Quebec, However, later on, it became popular in all countries. This mass popularity of Poutine makes it a great option for catering in Toronto.

Other Variations Of Poutine

Because of its popularity, many variations of Poutine are now available, each with a slight tweak in the ingredients. Some notable variations of Poutine include Irish Poutine, Italian Poutine and Montreal-style poutine.

Italian Poutine involves the use of spaghetti sauce instead of traditional gravy. The Irish Poutine uses “Lardons,” which are chunks of bacon. The Montreal-style Poutine involves the use of smoked meat.

The Recipe For Poutine

Poutine in tasty food restaurants uses potatoes, chopped garlic, beef,  vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, flour, salt and pepper. The steps to make Poutine include many steps. Firstly, you scrub  potatoes and cut them into fries sticks using a fry cutter.

In the next step, in a saucepan, heat the oil to medium temperature and oil, onion and garlic. Cook these for about 3 minutes. After this, add ketchup, vinegar, peppercorns, and the beef and Worcester sauce.

Now, stir these ingredients until they boil. At the same, melt butter in another frying pan. Also, add flour together to make a “roux”. A roux is a mixture of fat, mostly butter and flour. This butter is used to make the sauce.

Once you make the roux, stir until it becomes light brown. After this, add it to the mixture in the first saucepan and stir lightly. Lightly boil the mixture until it remains half. Strain the sauce through a strainer. In the next stage, add salt and pepper to the sauce paste. At the same time, also fry the potatoes until they turn golden brown in colour.

In the last step, place cheese curds on top of the fries, top them with the mixture, and serve it in a presentable style. Well, way cheap than restaurant delivery, isn’t it?

Canadian Restaurants With The Best Poutine

Canada is the hub of all that is food; there are options for both Toronto food delivery and restaurant dining. A few of the famous food restaurants in Canada which serve Poutine include; La- Belle- Patate in Vancouver, LA Poutine in Edmonton and Nom Nom Nom Poutine in Toronto. These restaurants have a 4.5-star rating and are a few of the most notable locations for Poutine in Canada. You can order through Toronto food delivery companies or dine in a restaurant.

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My Two Cents

Poutine is a must-dish on Canadian food menus. It’s a delicacy for all occasions, whether parties or corporate catering. Canada also has other food options other than Poutine. There are food options like Mediterranean, barbeque, Chinese, and south Asian cuisine, as well as Japanese food. The availability of food delivery options brings food closer to your tastebuds. Hence, food is an attraction of Canadian life which you should try.