Welcome To M-Foodz Pakistan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

M-Foodz is the best way to order food online. M-Foodz lets you easily find and order food from your favorite restaurants, so you can get back to your busy life. We’ve modernized food delivery to provide you convenience, control, and accuracy.

Simply refer to Sign-up, and follow the prompts to start registration process.
Keep the following documents with you while signing-up:
     a) Menu.
     b) Banking details (Optional)

Once initiated, process takes only 2 to 3 business days for process to be completed.

a) Minimum age 18+
b) If vehicle, then a valid driving license
c) Must operate in Karachi
d) Documents: Vehicle Registration

In comparison to other platforms, Riders make up-to 90% in earning per delivery.

Same procedure as becoming an on-board restaurant.

Same duration as becoming an on-board restaurant.

Both options are available, depending on restaurant’s availability.

M-Foodz does not take any cut from the Captain’s tip. Tips are settled along with your delivery funds.

All listed restaurants and the home-kitchens are liable to comply with M-Foodz health and safety protocols.

Yes, based on the availability of the listed restaurants and home-kitchens.

You can. However subjected on the policy of the restaurants.

Yes you can order from M-Foodz for anyone.

Not M-Foodz, however restaurants can implement their policies of minimum order.

Let us know which restaurant you have in mind by entering the name and number of your favourite restaurant through the referral tab.
It would also be great if you tell the restaurant’s owner or manager about M-Foodz and that you would like them featured on the website.
You might get a massive discount, or coupons for your next orders.