THIS AGREEMENT between M-Foodz (“M-Foodz”) and the Restaurant (as defined below) consists of these cover pages and the terms and conditions attached hereon or referred to herein (together the “Restaurant Agreement”).


During the Initial Period only, M-Foodz will not charge the Restaurant any Network Access Contribution (as defined below) or any Restaurant Processing Fee (as defined below). The “Initial Period” means a decided number of days period beginning on the date the Restaurant first becomes operational on the Website, regardless of whether or not the Restaurant fulfills an Order on that date. Thereafter M-Foodz will charge the Restaurant a Network Access Contribution as set out below.

Network Access Contribution

A commission (the “Network Access Contribution”) as set in the legal agreement of per Delivery Order (charged on Net Order Value) and a Network Access Contribution of a percentage per Pickup Order (charged on Net Order Value). “Net Order Value” means the total amount charged to the Customer by the Restaurant for an Order including the value of the goods, excluding any applicable taxes.

Charges by M-Foodz to Restaurant

M-Foodz reserves the right to provide customers PKR 1,000.00 on behalf of the Restaurant for Orders cancelled for Restaurant related reasons.

All charges, fees and commissions are exclusive of GST and any other applicable taxes.

Other charges may apply. Please review the attached terms and conditions for all other applicable charges.

Restaurant Obligations:

Order Packaging & Accuracy

  • Every Packaging should be according to the order specs.
  • The packaging mustn’t bother the content inside, especially liquid food items.
  • Use packaging which is proportionate and suitable for delivery and (where possible) sealed to avoid tampering.
  • Check each order to ensure it is accurate, complete and contains all the goods ordered by the customer.

Dedicated Tablet

  • All dedicated tablets should be in proper working order.
  • The Restaurant must use a dedicated iOS or Android tablet with internet access to receive and manage orders.

Menu Accuracy

The Restaurant is solely responsible for the accuracy of their online menu on M-Foodz. The Restaurant may increase its menu item prices on the Website for Delivery Orders only; provided however, that the Restaurant’s menu pricing on the Website will not be higher than the Restaurant’s menu pricing shown on any other third party online ordering or delivery service that the Restaurant engages, or may engage with, from time to time, if any. For clarity the Restaurant agrees that any item price increase on the Website is for Delivery Orders only and not Pickup Orders. The Restaurant further agrees that the menu prices it provides for display on the Website for Pickup Orders will be the same as the menu prices used in the Restaurant’s premises.

All prices included have no dependencies with the market price.